The events of 9/11 have cast a shadow of suspicion on Muslims in Western Europe and fostered a public discourse of arbitrary associations with violence and resistance to social and cultural integration. The he anxiety this has engendered are animating day-to-day debates on the place and loyalty of Muslims in Western societies. Exploring the neglected reality of ethnic radio in Paris and Berlin, “Voicing Diasporas: Ethnic Radio in Paris and Berlin Between Cultural Renewal and Retention” examines how Muslim minorities of North African descent in France and Germany resist these glaring generalizations and challenge bounded narratives and laws of cultural citizenship in both countries. Through an analysis of Beur FM in Paris and Radio Multikulti in Berlin, this book also questions the reductionist view of diasporic media as expressions of longing, nostalgia, and cultural dislocation. This ground-breaking study is as essential read for not only scholars and higher education students in various fields, but for those interested in this ever-changing, topical issue.

My colleague, Adrienne Russell, and I have edited a book on international blogging.  Here is a short description:

Bloggers around the world produce material for local,national and international audiences, yet they are developing in ways that are distinct from the U.S. model. Through a series of case studies of English, Chinese, Arab, French, Russian and Hebrew language blogs, this book explores the way blogging is being conceptualized in different cultural contexts. The collection illustrates what lies beyond A-list blogs - the most highly trafficked sites - calling into question assumptions that form the base of much of what we read on blogging and by extension on global amateur or DIY media. By looking at local contexts, this book begins to develop more nuanced assessments of how blogospheres serve communication needs, how they exist in relation to one another, where they exist apart as well as where they overlap and how they interact with other forms of communication in the larger media landscape. 

Select Publications

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SelectEditorial Columns

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