On Islam and the Media

Altmuslim: helps promote a critical (and self-critical) analysis of issues regarding the Muslim world
Muslimah Media Watch: forum where Muslim women can critique how their images appear in the media and popular culture.

Elan Magazine:  a publication on contemporary global Muslim culture for young Muslim professionals
Islamica Magazine: an international magazine published by the Center for Inter-Civilizational Dialogue.

Muslim Girl Magazine:a publication on young Muslim women in North America
Emel: Britain's first Muslim lifestyle magazine
Azizah: a publication on Muslim women in North America published by WOW Publishing, 
a privately held corporation owned by Muslim women
Daily Muslims: US and Canadian Muslims' news source.
Euro-Islam Info: a network of researchers on Islam in Europe

In-Focus: Largest Muslim newspaper in California.
Media and Islam: the South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA) Media Committee.
Islamophobia Watch: non-profit organization that reports on opinion columns and news items that demonize Islam in Western countries.
Arab Washingtonian: independent weekly that seeks to bridge the divide between American citizens and the Arab world
Muslim Voices:  Indiana University project aims to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims through podcasts, art exhibits and public discussions.
Inside Islam: a new-media initiative that seeks to challenge misconceptions and stereotypical perceptions about Islam and Muslims by the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Radio

MOST: Muslims on Screen and Television. Helping writers and producers present Muslims as multidimensional characters that transcend stereotypes on television and the big screen. MeccaOne Media: a broadcaster of radio, satellite tv programming, and podcasts on contemporary issues in Islam. MeccaOne was launched in 2002 by the Zaytuna Institute in the Bay Area.
Sandala Productions: the multimedia publishing company of Hamza Yusuf, the prominent Muslim scholar who founded the Zaytuna Institute.

Research Centers

Digital Islam: Research on Middle East and Digital Media
The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding: Georgetown University

CAMMRO The Centre for Arab and Muslim Media Research- University of Northampton
Arab Information Project: a research center for the study of the social, cultural, economic and political life of advanced communication and information technologies in Arab countries.
Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University


Arab Media and Society Journal (American University in Cairo)
Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research (University of Northampton)
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (Edinburgh University Press)
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (Published by the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies)
Journal of Middle East Media at Georgia State University
Contemporary Islam (Published by Springer in the Netherlands)

Muslim Voices
Sofia Baig: a Muslim poet/rapper from Montreal, Canada.
Baba Ali: a videoblogger from Los Angeles who blogs about Islam
Sumbul Ali-Karamali: author of The Muslim Next Door: The Quran, the Media and the Veil Thing

Nima Nourizadeh- film and music videography
Arsalan Iftikhar- int’l human rights lawyer-blogger-columnist
Ausma Khan- editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl Magazine
Azhar Usman-Allah Made Me Funny
Lupe Fiasco- Rapper from Chicago
Zarqa Nawaz- A Little Mosque in the Prairie
Ahmed Younis: Senior Analyst, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies; Senior Consultant, Gallup
Dalia Mogahed: Executive Director, the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies
Naif al-Mutawa: a Kuwaiti citizen, educated in the US, has developed a comic book series called "The-99"
Hussein Rashid: the founder of the blog Islamicate.com
Kareem Salama: the first Muslim country-western singer
Laila Lalami: novelist/essayist
Irshad Manji: journalist, author, filmmaker.
Mona Eltahawy: award-winning journalist/author and a commentator of various issues in the Muslim World
Farah Pandith: Special Representative to Muslim Communities at the State Department
Tariq Ramadan: Scholar and commentator on Muslim issues
Reza Aslan: author and Commentator
Sami Yusuf: Singer/Music composer from Britain
Mesut Kurtis: Nasheed singer
Change the Story: Online resource dedicated to transforming harmful stereotypes about Islam and Muslims

Books on Islam and the Media

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